Sequential Weakly Labeled Multi-Activity Recognition and Location on Wearable Sensors using Recurrent Attention Network

by   Kun Wang, et al.
Nanjing Normal University
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

With the popularity and development of the wearable devices such as smartphones, human activity recognition (HAR) based on sensors has become as a key research area in human computer interaction and ubiquitous computing. The emergence of deep learning leads to a recent shift in the research of HAR, which requires massive strictly labeled data. In comparison with video data, activity data recorded from an accelerometer or gyroscope is often more difficult to interpret and segment. Recently, several attention mechanisms are proposed to handle the weakly labeled human activity data, which do not require accurate data annotation. However, these attention-based models can only handle the weakly labeled dataset whose segment includes one labeled activity, as a result it limits efficiency and practicality. In the paper, we proposed a recurrent attention network to handle sequential activity recognition and location tasks. The model can repeatedly perform steps of attention on multiple activities of one segment and each step is corresponding to the current focused activity according to its previous observations. The effectiveness of the recurrent attention model is validated by comparing with a baseline CNN, on the UniMiB-SHAR dataset and a collected sequential weakly labeled multi-activity dataset. The experiment results show that our recurrent attention model not only can perform single activity recognition tasks, but also can recognize and locate sequential weakly labeled multi-activity data. Besides, the recurrent attention can greatly facilitate the process of sensor data accumulation by automatically segmenting the regions of interest.


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