Solving Dynamic Graph Problems with Multi-Attention Deep Reinforcement Learning

by   Udesh Gunarathna, et al.

Graph problems such as traveling salesman problem, or finding minimal Steiner trees are widely studied and used in data engineering and computer science. Typically, in real-world applications, the features of the graph tend to change over time, thus, finding a solution to the problem becomes challenging. The dynamic version of many graph problems are the key for a plethora of real-world problems in transportation, telecommunication, and social networks. In recent years, using deep learning techniques to find heuristic solutions for NP-hard graph combinatorial problems has gained much interest as these learned heuristics can find near-optimal solutions efficiently. However, most of the existing methods for learning heuristics focus on static graph problems. The dynamic nature makes NP-hard graph problems much more challenging to learn, and the existing methods fail to find reasonable solutions. In this paper, we propose a novel architecture named Graph Temporal Attention with Reinforcement Learning (GTA-RL) to learn heuristic solutions for graph-based dynamic combinatorial optimization problems. The GTA-RL architecture consists of an encoder capable of embedding temporal features of a combinatorial problem instance and a decoder capable of dynamically focusing on the embedded features to find a solution to a given combinatorial problem instance. We then extend our architecture to learn heuristics for the real-time version of combinatorial optimization problems where all input features of a problem are not known a prior, but rather learned in real-time. Our experimental results against several state-of-the-art learning-based algorithms and optimal solvers demonstrate that our approach outperforms the state-of-the-art learning-based approaches in terms of effectiveness and optimal solvers in terms of efficiency on dynamic and real-time graph combinatorial optimization.


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