STG4Traffic: A Survey and Benchmark of Spatial-Temporal Graph Neural Networks for Traffic Prediction

by   Xunlian Luo, et al.

Traffic prediction has been an active research topic in the domain of spatial-temporal data mining. Accurate real-time traffic prediction is essential to improve the safety, stability, and versatility of smart city systems, i.e., traffic control and optimal routing. The complex and highly dynamic spatial-temporal dependencies make effective predictions still face many challenges. Recent studies have shown that spatial-temporal graph neural networks exhibit great potential applied to traffic prediction, which combines sequential models with graph convolutional networks to jointly model temporal and spatial correlations. However, a survey study of graph learning, spatial-temporal graph models for traffic, as well as a fair comparison of baseline models are pending and unavoidable issues. In this paper, we first provide a systematic review of graph learning strategies and commonly used graph convolution algorithms. Then we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of recently proposed spatial-temporal graph network models. Furthermore, we build a study called STG4Traffic using the deep learning framework PyTorch to establish a standardized and scalable benchmark on two types of traffic datasets. We can evaluate their performance by personalizing the model settings with uniform metrics. Finally, we point out some problems in the current study and discuss future directions. Source codes are available at


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