Structure-aware Editable Morphable Model for 3D Facial Detail Animation and Manipulation

by   Jingwang Ling, et al.

Morphable models are essential for the statistical modeling of 3D faces. Previous works on morphable models mostly focus on large-scale facial geometry but ignore facial details. This paper augments morphable models in representing facial details by learning a Structure-aware Editable Morphable Model (SEMM). SEMM introduces a detail structure representation based on the distance field of wrinkle lines, jointly modeled with detail displacements to establish better correspondences and enable intuitive manipulation of wrinkle structure. Besides, SEMM introduces two transformation modules to translate expression blendshape weights and age values into changes in latent space, allowing effective semantic detail editing while maintaining identity. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed model compactly represents facial details, outperforms previous methods in expression animation qualitatively and quantitatively, and achieves effective age editing and wrinkle line editing of facial details. Code and model are available at


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