sZoom: A Framework for Automatic Zoom into High Resolution Surveillance Videos

by   Mukesh Saini, et al.
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
University of Mannheim

Current cameras are capable of recording high resolution video. While viewing on a mobile device, a user can manually zoom into this high resolution video to get more detailed view of objects and activities. However, manual zooming is not suitable for surveillance and monitoring. It is tiring to continuously keep zooming into various regions of the video. Also, while viewing one region, the operator may miss activities in other regions. In this paper, we propose sZoom, a framework to automatically zoom into a high resolution surveillance video. The proposed framework selectively zooms into the sensitive regions of the video to present details of the scene, while still preserving the overall context required for situation assessment. A multi-variate Gaussian penalty is introduced to ensure full coverage of the scene. The method achieves near real-time performance through a number of timing optimizations. An extensive user study shows that, while watching a full HD video on a mobile device, the system enhances the security operator's efficiency in understanding the details of the scene by 99 high resolution video. The produced video achieved 46 usefulness in a surveillance task.


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