Telescope: an interactive tool for managing large scale analysis from mobile devices

by   Jaqueline J. Brito, et al.

In today's world of big data, computational analysis has become a key driver of biomedical research. Recent exponential growth in the volume of available omics data has reshaped the landscape of contemporary biology, creating demand for a continuous feedback loop that seamlessly integrates experimental biology techniques and bioinformatics tools. High-performance computational facilities are capable of processing considerable volumes of data, yet often lack an easy-to-use interface to guide the user in supervising and adjusting bioinformatics analysis in real-time. Here we report the development of Telescope, a novel interactive tool that interfaces with high-performance computational clusters to deliver an intuitive user interface for controlling and monitoring bioinformatics analyses in real-time. Telescope was designed to natively operate with a simple and straightforward interface using Web 2.0 technology compatible with most modern devices (e.g., tablets and personal smartphones). Telescope provides a modern and elegant solution to integrate computational analyses into the experimental environment of biomedical research. Additionally, it allows biomedical researchers to leverage the power of large computational facilities in a user-friendly manner. Telescope is freely available at


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