The Liar's Walk: Detecting Deception with Gait and Gesture

by   Tanmay Randhavane, et al.

We present a data-driven deep neural algorithm for detecting deceptive walking behavior using nonverbal cues like gaits and gestures. We conducted an elaborate user study, where we recorded many participants performing tasks involving deceptive walking. We extract the participants' walking gaits as series of 3D poses. We annotate various gestures performed by participants during their tasks. Based on the gait and gesture data, we train an LSTM-based deep neural network to obtain deep features. Finally, we use a combination of psychology-based gait, gesture, and deep features to detect deceptive walking with an accuracy of 93.4 gait and gesture features and an improvement of 5.9 based on the state-of-the-art emotion and action classification algorithms, respectively. Additionally, we present a novel dataset, DeceptiveWalk, that contains gaits and gestures with their associated deception labels. To the best of our knowledge, ours is the first algorithm to detect deceptive behavior using non-verbal cues of gait and gesture.


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