The Recommendation System to SNS Community for Tourists by Using Altruistic Behaviors

by   Takumi Ichimura, et al.
Prefectural University of Hiroshima

We have already developed the recommendation system of sightseeing information on SNS by using smartphone based user participatory sensing system. The system can post the attractive information for tourists to the specified Facebook page by our developed smartphone application. The users in Facebook, who are interested in sightseeing, can come flocking through information space from far and near. However, the activities in the community on SNS are only supported by the specified people called a hub. We proposed the method of vitalization of tourist behaviors to give a stimulus to the people. We developed the simulation system for multi agent system with altruistic behaviors inspired by the Army Ants. The army ant takes feeding action with altruistic behaviors to suppress selfish behavior to a common object used by a plurality of users in common. In this paper, we introduced the altruism behavior determined by some simulation to vitalize the SNS community. The efficiency of the revitalization process of the community was investigated by some experimental simulation results.


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