The State-of-the-Art in Air Pollution Monitoring and Forecasting Systems using IoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning

by   Amisha Gangwar, et al.

The quality of air is closely linked with the life quality of humans, plantations, and wildlife. It needs to be monitored and preserved continuously. Transportations, industries, construction sites, generators, fireworks, and waste burning have a major percentage in degrading the air quality. These sources are required to be used in a safe and controlled manner. Using traditional laboratory analysis or installing bulk and expensive models every few miles is no longer efficient. Smart devices are needed for collecting and analyzing air data. The quality of air depends on various factors, including location, traffic, and time. Recent researches are using machine learning algorithms, big data technologies, and the Internet of Things to propose a stable and efficient model for the stated purpose. This review paper focuses on studying and compiling recent research in this field and emphasizes the Data sources, Monitoring, and Forecasting models. The main objective of this paper is to provide the astuteness of the researches happening to improve the various aspects of air polluting models. Further, it casts light on the various research issues and challenges also.


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