Towards a knowledge leakage Mitigation framework for mobile Devices in knowledge-intensive Organizations

The use of mobile devices in knowledge-intensive organizations while effective and cost-efficient also pose a challenging management problem. Often employees whether deliberately or inadvertently are the cause of knowledge leakage in organizations and the use of mobile devices further exacerbates it. This problem is the result of overly focusing on technical controls while neglecting human factors. Knowledge leakage is a multidimensional problem, and in this paper, we highlight the different dimensions that constitute it. In this study, our contributions are threefold. First, we study knowledge leakage risk (KLR) within the context of mobile devices in knowledge-intensive organizations in Australia. Second, we present a conceptual framework to explain and categorize the mitigation strategies to combat KLR through the use of mobile devices grounded in the literature. And third, we apply the framework to the findings from interviews with security and knowledge managers. Keywords: Knowledge Leakage, Knowledge Risk, Knowledge intensive, Mobile device.


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