Towards Solving Multimodal Comprehension

by   Pritish Sahu, et al.

This paper targets the problem of procedural multimodal machine comprehension (M3C). This task requires an AI to comprehend given steps of multimodal instructions and then answer questions. Compared to vanilla machine comprehension tasks where an AI is required only to understand a textual input, procedural M3C is more challenging as the AI needs to comprehend both the temporal and causal factors along with multimodal inputs. Recently Yagcioglu et al. [35] introduced RecipeQA dataset to evaluate M3C. Our first contribution is the introduction of two new M3C datasets- WoodworkQA and DecorationQA with 16K and 10K instructional procedures, respectively. We then evaluate M3C using a textual cloze style question-answering task and highlight an inherent bias in the question answer generation method from [35] that enables a naive baseline to cheat by learning from only answer choices. This naive baseline performs similar to a popular method used in question answering- Impatient Reader [6] that uses attention over both the context and the query. We hypothesized that this naturally occurring bias present in the dataset affects even the best performing model. We verify our proposed hypothesis and propose an algorithm capable of modifying the given dataset to remove the bias elements. Finally, we report our performance on the debiased dataset with several strong baselines. We observe that the performance of all methods falls by a margin of 8 after correcting for the bias. We hope these datasets and the analysis will provide valuable benchmarks and encourage further research in this area.


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