Trade-offs of Local SGD at Scale: An Empirical Study

As datasets and models become increasingly large, distributed training has become a necessary component to allow deep neural networks to train in reasonable amounts of time. However, distributed training can have substantial communication overhead that hinders its scalability. One strategy for reducing this overhead is to perform multiple unsynchronized SGD steps independently on each worker between synchronization steps, a technique known as local SGD. We conduct a comprehensive empirical study of local SGD and related methods on a large-scale image classification task. We find that performing local SGD comes at a price: lower communication costs (and thereby faster training) are accompanied by lower accuracy. This finding is in contrast from the smaller-scale experiments in prior work, suggesting that local SGD encounters challenges at scale. We further show that incorporating the slow momentum framework of Wang et al. (2020) consistently improves accuracy without requiring additional communication, hinting at future directions for potentially escaping this trade-off.


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