Watch Out! Smartwatches as criminal tool and digital forensic investigations

by   Seungjae Jeon, et al.

In the rapidly advancing technological landscape, smartwatches have materialized as multifunctional devices integral to our daily routines. Smartwatches store a substantial amount of personal information, potentially serving as repositories of digital evidence. Thus, digital forensic researchers have devoted considerable effort to exploring smartwatch forensic techniques. However, it has been observed that prior studies have primarily treated smartwatches as mere storage mediums for digital evidence, neglecting their potential role in criminal activities. This paper presents the information leakage perpetrated through smartwatches. We represent crime scenarios in an environment where smartphones are not available, considering that the perception that smartphones can be used as tools for criminal behavior prevails in many organizations, while the potential of similar-use smartwatches is often overlooked. We detail mechanisms for information leakage via file transfer and camera control using smartwatches. Additionally, we present methods to investigate each crime incident through smartwatch forensics. Finally, we describe the limitations of post-incident responses and propose proactive measures to prepare for potential crimes involving smartwatches. Keywords: Information Leakage, Smartwatch Forensics, Android Forensics, Mobile Device Management, Security Policy


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