Whale Detection Enhancement through Synthetic Satellite Images

by   Akshaj Gaur, et al.

With a number of marine populations in rapid decline, collecting and analyzing data about marine populations has become increasingly important to develop effective conservation policies for a wide range of marine animals, including whales. Modern computer vision algorithms allow us to detect whales in images in a wide range of domains, further speeding up and enhancing the monitoring process. However, these algorithms heavily rely on large training datasets, which are challenging and time-consuming to collect particularly in marine or aquatic environments. Recent advances in AI however have made it possible to synthetically create datasets for training machine learning algorithms, thus enabling new solutions that were not possible before. In this work, we present a solution - SeaDroneSim2 benchmark suite, which addresses this challenge by generating aerial, and satellite synthetic image datasets to improve the detection of whales and reduce the effort required for training data collection. We show that we can achieve a 15 detection compared to using the real data alone for training, by augmenting a 10 SeaDroneSim2 and the dataset generated through it.


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