WristSketcher: Creating Dynamic Sketches in AR with a Sensing Wristband

by   Enting Ying, et al.

Restricted by the limited interaction area of native AR glasses (e.g., touch bars), it is challenging to create sketches in AR glasses. Recent works have attempted to use mobile devices (e.g., tablets) or mid-air bare-hand gestures to expand the interactive spaces and can work as the 2D/3D sketching input interfaces for AR glasses. Between them, mobile devices allow for accurate sketching but are often heavy to carry, while sketching with bare hands is zero-burden but can be inaccurate due to arm instability. In addition, mid-air bare-hand sketching can easily lead to social misunderstandings and its prolonged use can cause arm fatigue. As a new attempt, in this work, we present WristSketcher, a new AR system based on a flexible sensing wristband for creating 2D dynamic sketches, featuring an almost zero-burden authoring model for accurate and comfortable sketch creation in real-world scenarios. Specifically, we have streamlined the interaction space from the mid-air to the surface of a lightweight sensing wristband, and implemented AR sketching and associated interaction commands by developing a gesture recognition method based on the sensing pressure points on the wristband. The set of interactive gestures used by our WristSketcher is determined by a heuristic study on user preferences. Moreover, we endow our WristSketcher with the ability of animation creation, allowing it to create dynamic and expressive sketches. Experimental results demonstrate that our WristSketcher i) faithfully recognizes users' gesture interactions with a high accuracy of 96.0 sketching accuracy than Freehand sketching; iii) achieves high user satisfaction in ease of use, usability and functionality; and iv) shows innovation potentials in art creation, memory aids, and entertainment applications.


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