Hod Lipson

Hod Lipson is an American engineer for robotics. He is the director of the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University. The work of Lipson focuses on the evolutionary robotics, design automation, rapid prototyping, man-made life and machinery that can demonstrate certain aspects of human creativity. His publications were cited almost 10,000 times, and by 8 November 2015, he had an h-index of 50. Do you trust this computer in Lipson’s 2018 documentary on artificial intelligence?

Lipson has got B.Sc. And PhD from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Cornell Faculty in 2001, he was an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Brandeis University and an assistant researcher in the Department of mechanical engineering at MIT.

Lipson was involved in machine learning and presented his robot “self-aware” at the 2007 TED conference. In 2009, he and his graduate student Michael Schmidt of Cornell University developed software called “Eureqa,” which derived equations, mathematical relations and laws in nature from data sets: for example, Newton’s second law of motion was taken from a set of data. In 2011, it has been reported that Eureqa has achieved a much more complex task: to rederive seven equations that describe the fluctuations in the level of different chemical compounds in oxygen-reducing yeast cells.

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Self replicating robots — simple structures that can reproduce with the right parts.

“self-conscious robots” – machines able to offset damage which would otherwise hinder movement.

Self-reproducing robots for molecules.

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