Antilizer: Run Time Self-Healing Security for Wireless Sensor Networks

by   Ivana Tomic, et al.

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) applications range from domestic Internet of Things systems like temperature monitoring of homes to the monitoring and control of large-scale critical infrastructures. The greatest risk with the use of WSNs in critical infrastructure is their vulnerability to malicious network level attacks. Their radio communication network can be disrupted, causing them to lose or delay data which will compromise system functionality. This paper presents Antilizer, a lightweight, fully-distributed solution to enable WSNs to detect and recover from common network level attack scenarios. In Antilizer each sensor node builds a self-referenced trust model of its neighbourhood using network overhearing. The node uses the trust model to autonomously adapt its communication decisions. In the case of a network attack, a node can make neighbour collaboration routing decisions to avoid affected regions of the network. Mobile agents further bound the damage caused by attacks. These agents enable a simple notification scheme which propagates collaborative decisions from the nodes to the base station. A filtering mechanism at the base station further validates the authenticity of the information shared by mobile agents. We evaluate Antilizer in simulation against several routing attacks. Our results show that Antilizer reduces data loss down to 1 operational overheads of less than 1 convergence.


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