Generating Scientific Question Answering Corpora from Q A forums

by   Andre Lamurias, et al.

Question Answering (QA) is a natural language processing task that aims at retrieving relevant answers to user questions. While much progress has been made in this area, biomedical questions are still a challenge to most QA approaches, due to the complexity of the domain and limited availability of training sets. We present a method to automatically extract question-article pairs from Q A web forums, which can be used for document retrieval and QA tasks. The proposed framework extracts questions from selected forums as well as answers that contain citations that can be mapped to a unique entry of a digital library. This way, QA systems based on document retrieval can be developed and evaluated using the question-article pairs annotated by users of these forums. We generated the SciQA corpus by applying our framework to three forums, obtaining 5,432 questions and 10,208 question-article pairs. We evaluated how the number of articles associated with each question and the number of votes on each answer affects the performance of baseline document retrieval approaches. Also, we trained a state-of-the-art deep learning model that obtained higher scores in most test batches than a model trained only on a dataset manually annotated by experts. The framework described in this paper can be used to update the SciQA corpus from the same forums as new posts are made, and from other forums that support their answers with documents.


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