Human Action Recognition in Drone Videos using a Few Aerial Training Examples

by   Waqas Sultani, et al.

Drones are enabling new forms of human actions surveillance due to their low cost and fast mobility. However, using deep neural networks for automatic aerial action recognition is difficult due to the need for the humongous number of aerial human action videos needed for training. Collecting a large collection of human action aerial videos is costly, time-consuming and difficult. In this paper, we explore two alternative data sources to improve aerial action classification when only a few training aerial examples are available. As a first data source, we resort to video games. We collect plenty of ground and aerial videos pairs of human actions from video games. For the second data source, we generate discriminative fake aerial examples using conditional Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks. We integrate features from both game action videos and fake aerial examples with a few available aerial training examples using disjoint multitask learning. We validate the proposed approach on several aerial action datasets and demonstrate that aerial games and generated fake aerial examples can be extremely useful for an improved action recognition in real aerial videos when only a few aerial training examples are available.


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