Quantum optimization with arbitrary connectivity using Rydberg atom arrays

by   Minh-Thi Nguyen, et al.

Programmable quantum systems based on Rydberg atom arrays have recently been used for hardware-efficient tests of quantum optimization algorithms [Ebadi et al., Science, 376, 1209 (2022)] with hundreds of qubits. In particular, the maximum independent set problem on the so-called unit-disk graphs, was shown to be efficiently encodable in such a quantum system. Here, we extend the classes of problems that can be efficiently encoded in Rydberg arrays by constructing explicit mappings from the original computation problems to maximum weighted independent set problems on unit-disk graphs, with at most a quadratic overhead in the number of qubits. We analyze several examples, including: maximum weighted independent set on graphs with arbitrary connectivity, quadratic unconstrained binary optimization problems with arbitrary or restricted connectivity, and integer factorization. Numerical simulations on small system sizes indicate that the adiabatic time scale for solving the mapped problems is strongly correlated with that of the original problems. Our work provides a blueprint for using Rydberg atom arrays to solve a wide range of combinatorial optimization problems with arbitrary connectivity, beyond the restrictions imposed by the hardware geometry.


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