VM-MODNet: Vehicle Motion aware Moving Object Detection for Autonomous Driving

by   Hazem Rashed, et al.

Moving object Detection (MOD) is a critical task in autonomous driving as moving agents around the ego-vehicle need to be accurately detected for safe trajectory planning. It also enables appearance agnostic detection of objects based on motion cues. There are geometric challenges like motion-parallax ambiguity which makes it a difficult problem. In this work, we aim to leverage the vehicle motion information and feed it into the model to have an adaptation mechanism based on ego-motion. The motivation is to enable the model to implicitly perform ego-motion compensation to improve performance. We convert the six degrees of freedom vehicle motion into a pixel-wise tensor which can be fed as input to the CNN model. The proposed model using Vehicle Motion Tensor (VMT) achieves an absolute improvement of 5.6 architecture. We also achieve state-of-the-art results on the public KITTI_MoSeg_Extended dataset even compared to methods which make use of LiDAR and additional input frames. Our model is also lightweight and runs at 85 fps on a TitanX GPU. Qualitative results are provided in https://youtu.be/ezbfjti-kTk.


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