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A Robot that Learns Connect Four Using Game Theory and Demonstrations

by   Ali Ayub, et al.
Penn State University

Teaching robots new skills using minimal time and effort has long been a goal of artificial intelligence. This paper investigates the use of game theoretic representations to represent and learn how to play interactive games such as Connect Four. We combine aspects of learning by demonstration, active learning, and game theory allowing a robot to learn by presenting its understanding of the structure of the game and conducting a question/answer session with a person. The paper demonstrates how a robot can be taught the win conditions of the game Connect Four and its variants using a single demonstration and a few trial examples with a question and answer session led by the robot. Our results show that the robot can learn any arbitrary win conditions for the Connect Four game without any prior knowledge of the win conditions and then play the game with a human utilizing the learned win conditions. Our experiments also show that some questions are more important for learning the game's win conditions.


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