The Emotionally Intelligent Robot: Improving Social Navigation in Crowded Environments

by   Aniket Bera, et al.

We present a real-time algorithm for emotion-aware navigation of a robot among pedestrians. Our approach estimates time-varying emotional behaviors of pedestrians from their faces and trajectories using a combination of Bayesian-inference, CNN-based learning, and the PAD (Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance) model from psychology. These PAD characteristics are used for long-term path prediction and generating proxemic constraints for each pedestrian. We use a multi-channel model to classify pedestrian characteristics into four emotion categories (happy, sad, angry, neutral). In our validation results, we observe an emotion detection accuracy of 85.33 formulate emotion-based proxemic constraints to perform socially-aware robot navigation in low- to medium-density environments. We demonstrate the benefits of our algorithm in simulated environments with tens of pedestrians as well as in a real-world setting with Pepper, a social humanoid robot.


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