What am I allowed to do here?: Online Learning of Context-Specific Norms by Pepper

by   Ali Ayub, et al.
Penn State University

Social norms support coordination and cooperation in society. With social robots becoming increasingly involved in our society, they also need to follow the social norms of the society. This paper presents a computational framework for learning contexts and the social norms present in a context in an online manner on a robot. The paper utilizes a recent state-of-the-art approach for incremental learning and adapts it for online learning of scenes (contexts). The paper further utilizes Dempster-Schafer theory to model context-specific norms. After learning the scenes (contexts), we use active learning to learn related norms. We test our approach on the Pepper robot by taking it through different scene locations. Our results show that Pepper can learn different scenes and related norms simply by communicating with a human partner in an online manner.


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